Arkipelag Group Package

Arkipelag Group Package

We tailor-make and book Åland packages for different groups such as:

  • Art associations that want to have a taste of the best of what Åland has to offer in art.
  • Associations that want to get acquainted with the ancient and beautiful churches in our countryside and/or arcipelago.
  • Those interested in maritime history, who want to visit the Åland Maritime Museum, the museum ship Pommern and the boat builders in the Maritime Quarters.
  • Society builders who want to get acquainted with demilitarised and autonomous Åland's political system and administration.
  • Chess clubs, bridge clubs, boule clubs and bowling associations who are interested in going on a tour to Åland to eat and drink well and have a nice time together.

The package offer for groups below will possibly give you some idea about how the Åland package for your association could be!

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